What does “No fault insurance ” mean as it pertains to auto accidents?

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What does “No fault insurance ” mean as it pertains to auto accidents?

“No fault insurance” has two factors where it applies. But before we explain them to you, be aware that the fault of the accident will always be determined based on the Ministry of Transportation fault chart. Someone will be found at fault in every accident!

“No fault insurance” apples to the way the damage is repaired. In the past, someone involved would have to wait for the insurance companies to gather statements from police, witnesses and other drivers to determine which company will pay for all the damage. With “No fault” the company that insures the vehicle will repair the vehicle regardless of who is at fault. If you do not carry collision insurance you are on your own – if you are at fault.

“No fault” also applies to benefits paid to an injured person. In the past lawsuits would take years to process so injured people had to wait for the courts to settle. Now most benefits are paid out under “no fault” by your own insurance company so you do not wait for lost income, rehab, prescriptions etc. In a permanent disability or disfigurement you can still sue for damages but the main care is immediate.

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