Broker Introductions: Joshua Girouard

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July 12, 2019

Broker Introductions: Joshua Girouard

We’re going to start giving you a spotlight into who we are. We’re going to be posting videos about ourselves on Instagram and Facebook, because I think it’s important that you trust us, and how can you do that if you don’t know very much about us. So here goes:

I am 34 & I first got my RIBO license in 2005, while I was attending Mohawk College in Hamilton. After graduating from St. Matthews High School in Orleans, I, like so many other 18 year olds, had no idea what to do with myself, so I was looking at college programs online when I came across an insurance program. Without knowing much about insurance, I went to my dad, Ted, who ran his own office out of our house. That was the first time he’d ever encouraged me to join the insurance industry.

To say sports was a big part of my life growing up would be an understatement. With 3 older brothers that I just wanted to keep up with, I picked up whatever stick or bat was laying around the garage. That would of course be how I ended up as a natural goalie, tending the goal for many street hockey & mini stick games before I was able to lace up any skates. I went on to play minor hockey for the Gloucester Rangers & St. Matt’s tigers, I was an All Star linebacker for the Orleans Bengals (& Tigers), I played lacrosse, baseball, soccer, I even did Ukrainian dancing (because if that’s how Vladislav Tretiak got his strong legs, than I’d better do that, said my father). I also won a city championship and trip to OFSAA as a heavyweight wrestler, one year after my brother Morgan did the same thing.

While I was at Mohawk, I started dating one of my oldest & best friends, Alison, from Elementary school, who I eventually married in 2011, and we now have 2 lovely Children, Penelope and Theodore. We live in the Queenswood Heights neighbourhood of Orleans, and I still play soccer, softball, golf, snowboarding & (probably too much) hockey . That’s why you’ll see our ads at hockey & curling rinks & on ski trails, because I wouldn’t be who I am today, if I didn’t grow up in those places.

I became a Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker (CAIB) in 2010, but when my dad was ready to sail off into the sunset, I did not think I had what it took to run the business. The one person who had complete faith in me, and encouraged me to take the Principal Broker exam, was my favourite ever coach. My dad taught me everything I know, from hockey to football to insurance, I learnt from the best. He taught me how to do a proper breakout, how to defend the run/pass option, and he taught me right from wrong. He taught me that our clients are who we work for, and that if our client has been wronged, then you go to bat for what’s right.

So what makes me a great insurance broker? I, of course, have great rates with our selection of 9 different insurance companies, but more than anything, my job is to make your life easy. I do most of my work by text and email, but you can contact me through Facebook or Instagram, a good old fashioned telephone call, or come visit our boutique, whatever is easier for you. So text me at 613-860-6008, and the worst thing that’ll happen is you’ll learn a few things about your policy, and best case, you’ll find a great new broker, with a great new rate, and an easier way of life.

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