New Blog – Why do I need an insurance broker?

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If you’ve ever had a guy (or girl), you know. No different than a go to contractor, mechanic or financial planner, it’s always nice to have a guy (or girl) you rely on, who understands you and your situation, and is easy to deal with.

When you need something, do you want to wait on hold with a call centre, or text your girl (or guy)? If you have a problem, as much as possible, we will handle it for you. You can wait on hold to speak to some random person, who knows where, and explain to them who you are, what your problem is, and hope that you got connected with someone who can help you. Or… you can email your guy (or girl). They know who you are, how to fix it. We’re professional problem solvers, and it’s our job to go to you with solutions. It’s our job to say “here’s the problem, and here’s how to fix it”.

The other reason to have a broker is that we don’t work for the insurance company. We have your best interest in mind, and we want to make sure you’re protected. Sometimes an insurance company will do something that we don’t agree with, we will fix it, and push back on them, and we don’t always need to tell our clients about it. You are our client, and we work for you.

And maybe the call centre will eventually get you an answer, but why did you waste that time. We compete with them on price, and we blow them away in service.

But most importantly, it’s nice to have someone to rely on. Someone you can call… or text… or email and say “hey, my windshield has a crack or there’s water in my basement” and get an answer from someone you know and trust. Someone who works for you, not the insurance company.

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Your best insurance, is an insurance broker. #WeTheExperts

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